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The Argentinian Tango Club

The Argentinian Tango Club was set up by Iván Torres Concha in 1980. He was surrounded by tango during his upbringing in his birth home Chile and in Argentina. Once in The Netherlands he closely followed developments of the tango, building up a vast knowledge of the Argentinian tango, both in the areas of music and dance. In the first half of the seventies Iván founded a tango music ensemble together with Carlos Ossa and Roberto Grassi. Together they decided to structurally offer Argentinian tango classes. Iván started giving dancing classes in 1980. Also Iván’s partner Petra Torres Concha has been dancing her whole life ranging from classical ballet to tap dance. In the Argentinian tango she found a dance for life. Her supple and subdued style was perfected by different professionals of tango in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Paris. Iván and Petra’s teaching is characterised by their enormous variety. Students are made familiar with different styles of tango such as the well-known 40s tango, the “milonga” and the “váls”. Also the “grán salon” and the fast paced “club de tango” from the fifties are paid attention to. The Argentinian Tango Club also regularly introduces guest lecturers to Groningen. Some of the names are Gustavo Arias, Mirta and Lalo Diaz, Eduardo y Gloria Arquimbau, Gustavo Naveira, Ricardo y Nicole, Daniela y Armando, Rodolfo y Maria, Juan Bruno y Zoraida Fontclara, Verónica Villarroel y Marcelo Soria, Teté y Silvia. Also Iván’s and Petra’s knowledge is often called upon. They give interviews for radio and television stations in South America, they write articles about tango phenomena (in, for instance, the tango magazine La Cadena) and they give lectures about the tango for a broad audience which have included the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, non-profit organisations and clubs. Of all their activities, Iván and Petra love it best when they dance the tango. The movements of the dance are determined by the music, the rhythm and the moment itself, creating a unique tango which a grande dame de tango once called ‘el uno para el otro’. The Argentinian Tango Club offers courses – private tango classes – demonstrations – ballet de tango – salons – information evenings – workshops for djs – advice